The Korean language course will not appear together with the regular semester courses, but is issued as a separate transcript, directly from the Korean language center. At the end of the program, you should ask their office (Center for Korean Language and Culture, 4th floor, Main Building) for several copies of your transcript (one for yourself, and another sealed transcript for your school). The Korean language course does not hold any credit.

Your home university must determine whether or not the intensive Korean language program will count for credit, so please check with them IN ADVANCE.

Students Studying at HUFS on Exchange (EXCHANGE STUDENTS) 

Students studying at HUFS on exchange (EXCHANGE STUDENTS) do NOT need to request transcripts for regular semester courses. At the end of your program (after all grades are entered into our system by your professors -approximately one month later),  a transcript for regular semester courses will be automatically sent to the coordinator at your home university by us, via DHL Express mail.

Please note that if you are staying for more than one semester, your transcript will only be mailed at the end of your program (ie when you return to your home university, NOT at the end of each semester).

If you wish to request extra transcripts, please follow the instructions below and pay the fees.

Students Studying at HUFS as Visiting Students (VISITING PROGRAM STUDENTS) 

Students studying at HUFS as visiting students (VISITING PROGRAM STUDENTS) must send us a written request for regular semester transcripts to be sent to their home universities (email:

Once a request is received, the transcript is processed and mailed within 3-10 working days. All transcripts will come in individually sealed envelopes.

Transcript Email Request Sample  
1. Visiting Program Semester(s) / Year:
2. Student’s Full Name and HUFS student number:
3. Date of Birth:
4. Telephone Number:
5. Name, Full Mailing Address, and Contact Telephone Number Where Transcripts Will Be Sent:
6. Number of Transcripts Requested:
7. International Delivery (Air mail) Option (please choose ONE):  DHL or  EMS

N.B. If you are requesting transcripts to be sent to several different addresses, you must calculate separate mailing fees.

*** Former exchange students who wish to have transcripts sent for graduate school, job applications, etc., should follow the same procedures above as VISITING PROGRAM STUDENTS


Fee for the official transcript

Mailing Fee

Issuance Fee

DHL       KRW 22,000     (2~3 days)

KRW 1,000 for each transcript

EMS      KRW 16,500     (4~6 days)

International Bank Transfer Information

    – Bank :WOORI Bank

               HankukUniv.of Foreign Studies Branch

                107 Imun-Ro, Dongdaemun-Gu,  Seoul, Korea

    – Account Number :1005-401-618491

   – Account Name : Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

    – Swift Code :HVBKKRSEXXX

Please note that we do NOT process transcript requests until payment has been confirmed and received in full.

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