Pick Up Your ID Card and Apply for Alien Registration

1) HUFS ID Card

You can get your HUFS ID card from our office (OISS).

This ID card is required for entering into the library and borrowing books or other resources.

2) Alien Registration

Students who plan to stay longer than 90 days must apply for Alien Registration Card at the Seoul Immigration Office within 90 days after their arrival in Korea. This is Korean law.

Staying in Korea for longer than 90 days without an ARC is illegal, even if you have already been issued a valid D2/D4 student visa

In order to open a bank account or buy a mobile phone, you must also have the alien registration card. So, we recommend you apply as soon as possible after your arrival in Korea.

During the Orientation Session (OT) at HUFS, our office will explain in detail about the Alien Registration Card (ARC) and will help you fill out the application for the ARC step by step.

Please bring your passport, 1 color photo (3x4cm/the background color must be WHITE), and the processing fee of KRW 30,000 to the OT session with you, so that you can apply for the ARC right away! 🙂

A. How to Apply

–  Application Period : Within 90 days from the arrival date

– Documents submitted to OISS
a. Application for foreigner registration (You can fill out this form @OISS)
b. Passport
c. 1 color photo (3x4cm / the background color must be WHITE)
d. Fee : KRW 30,000 (this is the processing fee at the Korean Immigration office. Please note that all fees are set by the Korean government, not OISS!)
e. Certificate of current enrollment (OISS will issue this paper)

At the time of application, you DO NOT need to visit the immigration office

B. How to Get the ID Card

As the immigration office needs to scan your fingers and thumbs, you are required to visit the immigration office to pick up your ID card on or after the date stated on your receipt (ie our office staff CANNOT pick it up for you; you must go there yourself in person). The receipt for picking up the ARC will be distributed to you when our staff member returns to our office from the Seoul immigration office. (Every Thursday)

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