Make Travel Plans & Buy Insurance

Several things you should consider when making travel plans to come to HUFS

1) Check our academic calendar & dorm check-in information

If you have applied for our on-campus dorm, please make sure you know when the dorm check-in/out periods are.

Dorm check in/out information will be posted on the notice board @

To avoid any inconvenience, you should schedule your flight to arrive in Korea within the check-in periods. Otherwise, you need to stay in a hotel or hostel until dorm check-in starts and the temporary housing should be arranged by yourself.

2) Arrange a pickup service & inform us of your arrival date via email

We currently provide two pickup options for new exchange students.

Click the image below to see how you can reserve our pickup service:

3) Reserve temporary housing if needed

If you are planning to arrive in Seoul before our dorm check-in dates or stay after our check-out dates, here are links to some rather inexpensive youth hostel type accommodations run by the Seoul City government. Please arrange your temporary housing in time.

    a) Seoul Youth Hostel — Go
    b) Hi! Seoul Youth Hostel — Go
    c) Other hostel information in Seoul — Go 


4) Buy insurance before coming to Korea

Exchange students are responsible for the cost of treatment during their stay here in Korea should any medical emergencies arise.

You must, therefore, have medical insurance coverage as a requirement of the Korean government, and verify that the insurance policy you carry covers hospitalization and medical care during international travel and sojourns, as well as repatriation to your home country in case of a serious medical emergency.

5) Buy insurance after arriving in Korea

If you arrive here without having any medical insurance, you will be enrolled in the HUFS International Student Medical Insurance plan and you will be billed for the fee.

The medical insurance plan is through Hanwha Insurance, a national Korean insurance provider.

To register for insurance with Hanwha, you must come to our office (OISS) to fill out an application form.

Please bring your passport or your Korean alien registration card if you are already in Korea and have one.

You will need to pay the fees at Woori Bank, and then drop by our office again with the bank receipt proof.

The insurance plan and what is covers is listed below, as well as the table of fees (based on your gender and age). Please note that the fees may differ slightly (effective April 2013).


Hanwha Insurance

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