Apply for HUFS!

There are a few important steps for you to apply for our exchange program.

1) Visit our office’s website ( to get further information including academic calendar, campus location, dormitory, and so on.

We believe you are already aware of much information about our exchange program now!!

2) If you are interested, attend a study abroad fair or session at your home university to get further information about HUFS if available or visit your international office to see whether there is an exchange slot available.

As some partner universities have never sent any students to us, they might not know about our application procedures. If this is the case, please provide us with contact information for your outbound exchange program coordinator via email (

3) Apply for our program @ your university. You need to be officially nominated. As application periods vary from universities, you should contact your international office to see when they recruit students for study abroad programs.

Once you get officially nominated, your coordinator will create your ID and password for our online application system (OAS). Check your mail inbox for any notification sent from our system.

4) Complete our online application before the deadline (
Online application page  —————————- GO
User guide for our online application system ———————- Go

Step #1  -> Log in to our system with your ID and Password (The login info can be found in the email you have received from our online system admin / N.B. if not found in your inbox, please check the spam folder)

Step #2. Provide your personal information


Step #3. Your academic information needs to be entered


Step #4.  Select the program / complete the list of courses (tentative) if you plan to take some regular semester courses


N.B. make sure you have selected the Korean language course if you want to enroll in the program (This course will be offered at no cost). Please note that the Korean language course is offered Mon.-Fri., 9:00 am-1:00 pm. So if you select the Korean language course, you can ONLY take regular semester courses which meet in the afternoons.

The Korean language course will not appear together with the regular semester courses, but is issued as a separate transcript, directly from the Korean language center. At the end of the program, you should ask their office for several copies of your transcript (one for yourself, and another sealed transcript for your school). The Korean language course does not hold any credit.  Your home university must determine whether or not it will count for credit, so please check with them IN ADVANCE.

Step #5. Fill out the pick-up & housing section and save this form.


Please make sure you send this form by clicking the menu “Send & Print Application form”




Step # 6.  Complete your online application by sending your application online and print your application form and mail it to the

HUFS address provided at the bottom of the application form.

N.B. To complete online application, you MUST send the saved application data.

Once you hit “Send” button, no further changes may be made.

After printing it out, don’t forget to sign on the application.


Supporting documents must be attached to the application form.

   ① A brief essay which includes personal history and your plan of study/research.
   ② 1 copy of your academic transcript
   ③ 1 certificate of current enrollment at your home university(institution)
   ④ 2 photos (3*4 cm) with white background color
   ⑤ 1 copy of your passport
   ⑥ Dorm/Health examination form (only if you want to apply for our dormitory)
   ⑦ 1 copy of evidence of proficiency in English Language or reference letter (if required)


5) Prepare offline application package including supporting documents to send to HUFS. Give this completed offline application packet to your home university coordinator. Your home university coordinator should send  ALL completed offline packets in ONE (1) mailing, preferably using some postal mailing service which has tracking (ex. FedEx, DHL, etc.) directly to us. We would like to avoid delays due to lost/late packets this year.


6) Wait for results and admission papers. All admission papers will be sent directly to your home university coordinator.

Admission results will be available around the end of May/beginning of June for Fall applicants and the end of November/beginning of December for Spring applicants through our online exchange application system(OAS).  Go to “Your Application Status” menu to check any updates including admission notice!!

Good Luck!!

  1. hafsa
    July 27, 2013 at 7:54 am

    Hello! my name’s hafsa im from Morocco.i will graduate this year from my high school and i want to study after in hankuk university .i have 3 languages”arabic-french-english” my questions are “what are the things that i have to do now to have the scholarship of south Korea?and what i have to prepare for this like papers…?please help me for preparing myself Early!

  2. Sylvia
    March 18, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    My name is Sylvia. I am from Indonesia. currently, I am a student in Hasanuddin University. I intend to join the student exchange program for fall semester this year (2014). HUFS is partner of Hasanuddin University, but never send a student before. so, I am not really clear how to apply this exchange student program. anyone can help me?

    • June 2, 2014 at 5:28 pm

      Please ask your home university coordinator to contact us regarding the status of the MOU signed between two universities for student exchange.

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