Arrange Your Housing

Have You Decided Where You’ll Live in Korea??

One of the biggest concerns for most students who are thinking about studying abroad is housing as your living condition will greatly impact your life experience while abroad.

Your housing choices will most likely fall into two main options:

1) Dormitory – On Campus (Globeedorm / HUFS Dorm)

On-campus dorm is the most preferred choice as living in a student dorm lets you interact with many other international exchange students, provides a great level of security, and moreover keeps your total living costs down.

Our exchange students will be guaranteed housing in our student dorm.

However, as on-campus housing accommodation is in high demand, we recommend you request a room at the time of your application, before regular HUFS students apply. Please note that all dorm residents are required to submit our health examination form, with the medical examination completed within 6 months before check-in starts.

You can check whether you have been successfully assigned to a dorm room by visiting our Online Application System (Please refer to the menu “Check your HUFS Registration Status”) or “HUFS Student Portal” using HUFS regular student ID & password 

Our Student Dorm Information

Rooms for either two students (doubles) or three students (triples) are available. Double rooms will be assigned for international exchange/visiting students. All rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with following items:
– Bed, desk, closet, security locker, telephone (free international calls available to most countries), refrigerator
– Free Internet access (Lan-line / Wifi)
– Separate toilet / bathroom

Utility rooms are equipped with automatic laundry machines, and ironing boards are located on every other floor. No cooking facilities are available in our on-campus dormitories. Meals are served on campus everyday in the student cafeteria.

Please check out more information about our dorms here ——— GO

Dorm addresses for postal mail/packages

For Seoul campus:

Your full name
Room #, Globeedorm
107, Imun-Ro, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 130-791
Tel. 82-2-2173-2217

For Seoul campus (International House):

Your full name
c/o Office of International Student Services (OISS), Historical Archives Building, Rm # 102
107, Imun-Ro, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 130-791
Tel. 82-2-2173-2065

For Global campus:
Your full name
Room #, HUFS Dorm
81, Oedae-ro, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu,Yongin-si, Gyeongi-do, South Korea 449-791
Tel. 82-31-330-4102
2) Dormitory – Off Campus (International House – Seoul Campus) 

This new residence is exclusively open to female students and a a 2-minute walk from the main gate of our Seoul campus. 17 rooms for two students (doubles) are available.

All rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with following items:

– Bed, desk, closet, security locker, refrigerator, washing machine
– Kitchen facilities
– Free Internet access (Lan-Line and Wifi), Separate Toilet / Bathroom
Choose the Right Dorm at HUFS (Seoul Campus Applicants)



International House



Off-Campus (2-minute walk to campus)


100 +

Max. 104


Open to all exchange students 

Open to all exchange students 
Room Type



Bed Type

2 Singles

Bunk Bed


12:00 a.m.

Cooking Facilities




LAN (Yes), Wi-fi (No)

LAN (Yes), Wi-fi (Yes)





Shared in utility rooms on each floor

Equipped in each room

Fee (16 weeks)

KRW 1,091,000

(deposit: KRW 40, 000)

KRW 1,300,000

(deposit: KRW 100,000) 

3) Off-campus housing  (Arrange your own housing)

If you prefer living independently, living in an apartment, or any other off-campus property may be the right housing choice for you. Every aspect of living, from cooking to doing your own laundry, will be your own responsibility.

The following websites may be of assistance:

We recommend you join our FB community to ask our current students for more information about off-campus housing.

Please arrange your own off campus housing.  Our office CANNOT assist arranging any off-campus housing.

4) Early Arrival / Late Stays 

If you are planning to arrive in Seoul before our dorm check-in dates, or to stay after our check-out dates, here are links to some rather inexpensive youth hostel type accommodations in Seoul:

Seoul Youth Hostel

Hi! Seoul Youth Hostel

Kims Guest House

Many more can be found here (depending on what area of Seoul you plan to stay in):

Due to other university programs, Globee Dorm can not accommodate early arrivals before the semester begins nor late stays after the semester ends.

Please make appropriate housing arrangements and thank you for your understanding.

5) Application Forms, Fee payments and other information

Please visit our office’s website to find further details here



  1. July 10, 2014 at 6:08 am

    my name is Wala ‘ Yasin I am from Jordan studying in the University of Jordan I have been accepted as an exchange student for the fall semester I sent the dorm application by the airmail and the health examination with the other documents to the international relationship office and I was wondering if you have approved my dorm application ?!

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