Find Courses @HUFS and Talk to Your Academic Advisor

We know you have always wanted to study abroad as you could experience and learn things you wouldn’t do in your home country.

As an exchange student, you would get excited to know that you find very interesting courses you have never taken or even found in your home university waiting for you!!  However, it’s not always easy to find and select right courses for you while studying abroad.

Please read through the following information about how to find courses at HUFS.

Please note that you may only take courses at either Seoul campus or Global campus, but NOT both campuses. Due to the travel distance between the two campuses, it is impossible to take classes from both campuses.

1)  Get the full course listings @

You can search by colleges or semesters
– Students who applied for Seoul Campus  —————————————————– Go
–  Students who applied for Global Campus —————————————————- Go

2)  Check which courses have been offered in English or a foreign language other than Korean
Courses taught in a foreign language other than Korean are being listed from the top.
However, don’t expect all the courses in our college of Japanese to be taught in English. @@;;
They use only Korean & Japanese!!
Most of courses you have found in College of Business, Social Science, International Studies will be, of course, offered in English.

3)  Select courses and download a syllabus

Please note that Spring semester course list will be updated around the end of January and fall semester around the end of July.

If you need to complete your learning agreement and submit to your home university before the course list gets fully updated, we recommend you choose classes from the list of courses offered during the previous semester at the time of application because most courses are continuously offered. (e.g. For 2013 Spring, select ones from the 2012 Spring list)

Don’t worry!!
You will be given opportunity to change, add or drop courses during the first week of each semester.

4)  Bring all syllabi to your academic advisor or your department to discuss about credit transfer.

Please make sure all the courses you are taking at our university are going to count for credits at your home university. We don’t want you to waste your time here at our university.

5)  List up all courses and complete our online application!!

You got it?

Good job!!

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