Complete Course Registration and Attend Classes

We believe you have already registered for some courses through our online system before you arrived.
However, some of you may need to add some more courses.

The first week of each semester is our course Drop/Add period, so your course registration should be completed within this period.

Please be informed that since you need to attend your desired classes from the first week of the semester, you are required to carefully plan courses at least one week before each semester starts. And please be prepared to be flexible with the course selection, as we cannot guarantee enrollment in all courses.

There are two options available for you to register for courses:

1. Online Registration (2nd Round) for courses 

Online course registration schedule (2nd Round)

– Spring Semester: first week of March
– Fall Semester: first week of September

Please keep yourself informed of any updates on our online course registration system by visiting our office’s website ( /    –   notice board for prospective students)

Click the image below to start registering for courses!! (We believe you are already familiar with this system)

To optimize your viewing experience and avoid any inconvenience due to unexpected errors, we recommend you use Internet Explorer.

Please note that a lot of HUFS students will try to access this system at the same time, so you may sometimes fail to log in as the system may be overloaded with registering students. Please be patient!! And you may find some courses unavailable or already full because the courses may be restricted and not available for online registration.

2. Course Registration Permission Form

If you are unable to register for classes using our online registration system due to some restrictions, you can still use the course registration permission form to request enrollment, which will be distributed to you during the welcoming orientation and posted on our web-based bulletin board to download.

1. Attend classes you would like to enroll in

2. See the professor for approval to register for that course (If your request gets approved, s/he will sign your paper)

3. Return the signed form to OISS before the submission deadline.

Check whether your courses have been successfully registered here:

(Use the same HUFS ID & Password)

Please note that it may take at least one week for you to get the full list of registered courses in the system if you have used the request form (paper) for course registration.

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