Register for Courses (1st Round: August 7-11, 2017)

Online Registration (1st Round) for courses normally takes place before you arrive in Korea.

This system will open only on the following dates & time.

Online course registration schedule 

1st Round: August 7 to August 11, 2017, 10:00am to 4:00 pm (Korea Standard Time)

2nd Round: August 28 – September 1, 10:00 am to 4:00pm  (first week of the 2017 fall semester)

 You can register for the 2017 fall semester courses before you come to Korea.


Please keep yourself informed of any updates on our course registration schedule by visiting our online application system or our office’s website ( / –  notice board for prospective students)

To be able to access to our course registration system, you should have a regular HUFS student ID number and password.


How to use our online course registration system



1. Get your regular HUFS ID & Password

Your HUFS ID and password for our university system will be given to you through our online application system page as soon as you have successfully gained admission.
A. Log in to our online application page using the application ID given by your coordinator —– GO
B. Go to the menu “HUFS Registration Status”

2. Log in to the online course registration system within the given period.

Before logging in to the system, you need to list all of the courses you have selected and have them printed out so that you can quickly complete your course selection!!

To optimize your viewing experience and avoid any inconvenience due to unexpected errors, we recommend you use Internet Explorer.

3. Check whether your courses have been successfully registered here:

A. Online Application System – HUFS Registration Status Menu


Please note that a lot of HUFS students will try to access this system at the same time, so you may sometimes fail to log in as the system may be overloaded with registering students. Please be patient!! And you may find some courses unavailable or already full because the courses may be restricted and not available for online registration.

Course Registration Tips for 2014 Fall Semester!

Tip#1 – The Secret(?) of the 0/0 Class
Unlike exchange students, the regular HUFS students have different course registration period for each grade. So depending on the day, there is a different number of slots allocated for different classes. For example, if a class was intended for freshmen, there will be more slots open on the day the freshmen are registering and less and less for higher grades. Thus, we recommend you to go over the syllabus of the class you wish to register and find what grade the classes is intended for and register on the day allotted for that grade.

Registration Day for each grade:
4th years: Monday
3rd years: Tuesday
2nd years: Wednesday
1st years: Thursday
All grades: Friday

If you could not register for a class on the day that grade is allotted, try on Friday again!

Tip#2 Exchange Student Major
Regardless of the major at your home university, all exchange students’ major is set as “Exchange student major” at HUFS. Meaning, you are not assigned to a particular major at HUFS. So if any class is open to only major students, exchange students will not be able to register. This is to ensure that the regular HUFS students have enough classes available for them to graduate. If you must take that particular class, you will have to visit the professor in person on the first week of classes with a paper form from our office and explain your situation, and the professor will decide whether to give you permission to take the course or not.

Tip#3 Drop & Add Period
There is a drop & add period during the first week of September/March. So don’t get too disappointed if you could not get the class you want this time; you can try again during the first week of class.

Tip#4 Drop Period
There is also a drop period during the last week of September/March. During this period you are only allowed to drop classes, not to add classes.

Oh!! You’ve failed to register for some important courses? 😦
Don’t worry!! There is a second round for course registration after your arrival on campus!! 🙂

  1. Thomas Lugagne Delpon
    February 10, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    I am a stranger student, who have been admitted for Spring Semester in Master’s program (Graduate Level). I did not understand yet when we should begin to apply for course registration, and I do not know where to find this information ; would it please be possible for you to explain it to me ?
    Thanks for any answer !

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