Check your HUFS Registration Status

Once you have successfully gained admission, you are required to check your registration status in our online application system.

“HUFS Registration Status” menu enables you to check whether you have been successfully registered in the HUFS main school system.

1) Go to our Online Application System page;


2) Log in to our system with your application ID & Password


Information available

A. Your HUFS regular ID & password

B. Program(s) you will be enrolled in

– Regular Semester / Korean Language

C. Study period

D. Dorm registration status including room assignment & dorm check-in info.

– Dorm Application Received by OISS: Yes means “Exchange program manager successfully received your papers”

– Dorm Application  Received by Dorm office: Yes means “HUFS OISS has sent your application to our dorm office (Our office collects all applications to submit to our dorm office during a certain period of time each semester) and the housing application was received by our Dorm office

– Assigned: Yes or Date means “You have been successfully assigned to a dorm room”

– Dorm Room Number: —— (Your Dorm Room number)

E. Scholarships

F. Course registration & periods: You can easily access to our online course registration system and check your course registration results.

– List of courses: The courses will appear when you complete online course registration

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