Campus Map

Seoul Campus

01 Administrative Offices (HUFS Main Building)
02 Humanities Buidling
03 Multimedia Education Center
04 Foreign Language Training and Testing Center
05 Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation
06 Graduate School
07 University Press
08 Faculty Building
09 Faculty Research Center
10 Main University Library
12 Social Science Building
13 Globeedorm & Student Center
14 Law School
15 Open Air Theater
16 Historical Archive (OISS on the 1st floor)
17 Minerva Complex
18 Underground Campus Parking Lot
19 Main Gate and Entrance

Exchange students studying at Seoul campus!! Find us on the first floor of Building #16!!

Global Campus

01Humanities and Business Building
02Administrative Offices
03Language and Literature Building
04Small Stadium
05Bar exam Preparation Hall
06Myeongsudang Pond
07Culture and Art Center
08Student Center
10Welfare Building
11Engineering Building
12Business Incubator
13Natural Science Building
14Academy for Global Education (Research Center)
15Academy for Global Education (Lecture Hall)
16Academy for Global Education (Dormitory)
17Dormitory (to be expanded)
18Main Stadium (future construction)
19High-tech Electronic Library (future construction)
20Museum (future construction)
21Women’s Second Dormitory
22Women’s Mohyun Dormitory
23Men’s Mohyun Dormitory
24Sports Center (future construction)
25Tennis Court
26State-of-the-Art Industry-University Complex
(future construction)
27Main Gate & Information Office
28English Village (future construction)
29Affiliated Foreign Language High School
30Parking Lot

Exchange students studying at Global campus!! Find us on the first floor of Building #8 (Student Center)

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